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Mahjong Free Classic 神來也16張麻將


Mahjong - free mahjong game based on a classic HongKong game. Good to practicing Hong Kong Mahjong***Features of Mahjong Hong KongFree to playChoose to play flower starting from 3 fan or starting from 1 fanSmall size of apk
***** Features *****。Easy to hard Bot/AI。Free to play without Internet - offline。Classic Hong Kong & Taiwanese 16-tile Mahjong。Larger, brighter displays for better control。Draw reminder – never miss any of your draws!。Easy to use controls you can use with just one finger。Play a hand in three minutes, no more getting distracted
= Game Details =。A set consists of 144 tiles which include characters, circles,bamboo, honors and bonus tiles.。How to win in Hong Kong / Taiwanese Mahjong: get 5 melds (“pong” and/or “chow”) and a pair (“eyes”)